To Sugar or Not To Sugar...That is the Question

Sweets are a part of our daily lives now. We own a bakery, if you haven't heard, so much of my day is spent mixing, kneading, melting chocolate and baking. On top of baking for the shop, I have been busy developing new cake recipes for a baking publication coming out soon. That required not just baking but taste testing.

What I have found most astonishing during this first month of bakery ownership is the fact that I just don't eat much. I am so busy in the kitchen ( where thanks to food inspector regulations I can't actually EAT anything) that by the time I make it home at 3ish I am famished. But even then I am too tired to cook and just want to hang with the I don't eat.

All this said, my metabolism has been way out of whack and I am in need of a more disciplined approach to the daily diet. For the next 2 weeks Mike and I are following a strict cleanse diet. We will be eliminating all sugar, grains, flour, alcohol, and milk. The cleanse gives us very specific times to eat, which will be great for us at this point in life.

If we can do it, I declare that we will be the the most disciplined people in the whole world! Working in a bakery yet having the ability to resist the temptation? Wish us luck.


  1. Good luck! I'd be packing sweets home with me and eating after work...ha!

  2. I spent 9 1/2 years working in a bakery. Trust me when I say that you only want to sample everything for the first year max. After that you're saturated.

    The other problem of not having time to focus on feeding yourself...that's a tough one. Customers were always asking me "How do you stay so thin?" My answer was always that I was on my feet all day burning calories with little time to eat anything. Besides, bakery life made me crave beans and veggies for balance. But cooking them took devotion. As you've found, working in food is thrilling...and exhausting.

  3. Wow, that's hard core. But you motivated me and I've not had any sugar since Monday. And no G&Ts or beer either! Actually, it's been over a week for the alcohol. It must feel good in the heat to not be loaded with the sugar.