Handmade Gift Tutorial Guide

Only 7 short weeks until Christmas. Usually at this point in the year I am well on my way to finishing Christmas shopping. Unfortunately, this year I have barely begun. I foresee lots of handmade gifts again this year and have turned to some of my favorite blogs for inspiration! See what amazing things I dug up? Click on the caption below each photo for the link...and have fun!

(and of course, look up top and click on the "crafts" link in my blog. Lots of past projects, tutorials and ideas over there.)

*sidenote: Yes, I am familiar with Pinterest. No, I don't use it...yet. I am sure down-the-road (or maybe soon) I will. But I have been avoiding it thus far. Not enough hours in the day, too many projects already waiting in the wings....Pinterest can wait, for now ;)

An adorable vintage inspired DIY cupcake stand from Giverslog

I have had my eye on this project over at Becoming Lola for a long time now.
I love this! Everything Marueen makes is so colorful and beautiful~

I forsee lots of these amazing book/utensil holders given this season.

I think our tree needs some funny little gingerbread this year.

The most comprehensive list, I've found (yet) for gift tutorials. I can get lost for hours on this...

Please, oh pretty please, share what lovely ideas you have found too!



  1. I so agree with you about Pinterest.
    And that wreath?! Stunning.

  2. I know, right?? Loving the wreath so much.

  3. Oh, I am so completely hooked on Pinterest! But in my defense, I need it! My hubby works 3rd shift, so he leaves shortly after 10pm every night. When I'm not up late sewing...I'm pinning!! :)

    I adore the vintage book handmades -- LOVE!!

  4. Megan:

    Thanks so much for all of your suggestions. We didn't make it to Shaker Village today, but we are planning to head there tomorrow. Instead, we kicked around Bardstown RD in L'ville and then to Bardstown. Ended up at Talbott Tavern and then the kids topped off with shakes at Hurst Drug. I seriously need to move here. I love this little town. So, the plan is for LOTS of activity tomorrow before heading home! Now that you have mentioned 7 wks until Christmas..yikes. I am feeling the pressure! I do LOVE pinterest and IT IS a time sucker. :-)

  5. Maureen...I think I'd be hooked on Pinterest if my hubby worked 3rd shift too ;)
    And Amy...we love Hurst! Milkshakes and burgers at the old timey bar are perfect memories.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing my list! Pinterest is addicting, so maybe you're doing the right thing...lol!

    Your blog is beautiful! :)


  7. Hi Kim...so glad you stopped by. I get so much inspiration from your site!

  8. Thanks SO much for the craft sites. I am feeling in the mood to get crafty for Christmas and those ideas were excellent. I just have to narrow down my choices now!!

  9. Hard decisions, Karen, I know!!! I really need to get cracking on gifts this week. Times a tickin' :)