Thanksgiving...Resort Style 3. Sun, water, 80 degree temps, sunscreen, sliced limes on drink rims, lazy river....
Life is ridiculously mellow right now.

We will be sharing lots about this amazing place over on our travel site soon.
For now, we wrap up our time here and head northeast a couple of hours to St. Augustine where the grandparents live. We will be spending the holiday in the oldest city in America...
Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Please give your mom and Uncle Tom a big ole hug and kiss for me. I miss you all so much. I will always remember our fun Christmas get togethers. You guys made it so important. And your family always shared the love of Christ! If you see Aunt Barbuda please give het my love also. Love you all. Leslie

  2. Thanks Leslie!! Our childhood memories are definitely so great!! We will see Aunt Joan but not Aunt Barbie. She is in Colorado :(

  3. Oh great! Have a wonderful thanksgiving day!