Favorite Things Friday

I'm starting a new series for the next few weeks...feel free to join in on your blog as well!
Its called Favorite Things Friday and its just that...showing you some of my favorite things. I thought it would be a fun way to let you in on a bit more of who I am ; my past, present, future dreams, things I love and items I treasure.

So here we go...(in a clockwise fashion)

1. The Alarm Clock~ This was my grandmothers alarm clock. Both she and my grandpa were deaf. On the bottom left side of the clock it reads "flash alarm"...no sound, just a bright flashing light when it was time to wake up. As a small girl I would spend every day with my grandma while my mom worked. My grandma and grandpa both lived in a deaf retirement community in Columbus, Ohio and my days were spent drinking Tang (remember that drink? My grandma always made a pitcher and kept it in the fridge), watching the Price is Right and soap operas on mute (there was no need for sound, I suppose...and I was too shy to go turn up the volume for my own listening ears), and eating meals in the very quiet dining room where hundreds of people were chatting it up using sign language...most of which I didn't understand. It was a fascinating way to spend the day. Ones I really cherish so much. This clock brings back so many of those memories.

2. Josie Maran Cheek and Lip Stain~ I am an avid fan on Josie Maran cosmetics. Are you familiar with them? They are sold on QVC and at Sephora and although a bit pricier than most, they are natural and really last forever. This lip and cheek stain stays in my purse at all times and is my "go to" item for a just a boost of color throughout the day.

3. Wooden Spools ~ I scoop them up when I can. At thrift stores, vintage stores, antique malls....I have a few mason jars full and they are great for decor, photo props and just so darn pretty to look at.

4. Tiffany Earrings~ I am a girl and thus I love Tiffany & Co. If you are a girl and you say you don't love Tiffany...well you probably haven't been in one. (kidding) I am not a jewelry girl, per say. In fact, most days I don't even wear my wedding bands because I always have my hands in a batch of dough. Two Christmas' ago, Canaan bought me these earrings with some of his marshmallow company money. The moment probably should have been captured on camera when my 7 year old handed me that turquoise box. I am still dumbfounded.
During the recent tornadoes, we went as a family and hunkered down at the in-laws basement. The last thing I grabbed on the way out the door were these earrings.

5. Green Stoneware~ This is a recent purchase, actually, but definitely "favorite" enough to make the cut. I found it at a thrift store last week for $1. I have a fondness for stoneware, usually white, but when I come across these beautiful shades of greens or those vibrant turquoise blues...they need a good home.

6. Wooden Chain~ In 1998 Mike spent a summer in Papua New Guinea. In '96 I had been there and in 2001 we both made it there together. During his summer trip he picked up a piece of wood and started carving this chain. Its pretty impressive, actually. He never finished it but it lingers around, moving from state to state, town to town and house to house. Its a fixture at the Smith Homestead.

Have a beautiful weekend ahead~ and don't forget to enter the Jeni's Ice Cream giveaway that ends on Sunday night~