Magees Bakery, Lexington Style

Since dinosaurs roamed the Earth, there have been danishes to devour at Magees. Ok, I kid. But only slightly. Magees is a longtime fixture on the Lexington grid and a popular one at that. I forgo Magees on the weekends. The line goes out the door, which isn't really my thing. For me, a mid-week 10am stop for milk and doughnuts with the little guy is just my pace. The pecan danishes are buttery and flaky and utterly amazing. And a walk to nearby Woodland Park with Magees coffee and pastry in hand is the most wistful way to spend a Wednesday morning, in my book.



  1. Cute weekend outfit! I love the combo of the red plaid and nautical stripes. And the danishes look divine. Have a fun weekend!

  2. Love Magees! My favorites include the caramel cake donuts (must be everyone's because when I come, they're out) and those sinful mallow mars- chocolate cake with buttercream icing covered in chocolate icing. I can't eat a whole mallow mar because they're terribly rich. I also enjoy the cream cheese filled danishes.

  3. geez how cute are you in braids! x