Seedleaf and Saul Good

A couple of weeks ago I participated in a pizza cook off for charity. Some really inspiring friends of ours, Jodie and Ryan Koch, are two of those rare birds that live a simple but very rich, rewarding and full life. Ryan is founder of Seedleaf. An organization that not only plants community gardens around the city but does so much to feed/educate people that I can't fully wrap my head around how he can juggle so much in a 24 hour period. Jodie runs Kids Cafe, providing free meals and snacks to low income children. Jodie rocks this out each week with two adorable kiddos in tow and still maintains the wittiest sense of humor I've ever come across.

Both of these organizations are always looking for volunteers and funds, so click on the sites above and learn more.
(If nothing else, try to get your hands on one of the tee shirts or hoodies...they're American Apparel and they are oh-so-cozy)
Now back to the cook off...Ryan asked me to represent Seedleaf in a charity pizza cook off hosted by Saul Good Pub. If you haven't heard of Saul Good, its because you aren't from Lexington. Lexingtontonians know Saul Good. Its local and its ridiculously amazing.

The owners (who are the hippest husband and wife team around) know what it takes to make a business run efficiently, effortlessly and with style. And when a company pours into their local community, we all love it a little more. The recent cook off (the pub is known for wood fire pizzas...but the burgers are delish and don't even get me started on the chocolate popcorn or fondue~) had 15 great local charities vying for the $1000 prize.
And when I mean vying, I mean rubbing elbows with 15 pizza baking novices for the most fun competition I have ever been a part of. What made it even more exciting was that Saul Good kept the doors open for business...the charity cook off contestants and spectators just slid right in on the action. The entire night was loud, and fast and in high spirits.

My pizza didn't win. I told Ryan I would start saving my pennies to donate $1000 to Seedleaf myself. may take a while, but I'll make it happen. The winning pizza was delicious. Figs, feta, can't go wrong when it comes to figs, friends. Speaking of friends, I made some new ones that night too. I am always so grateful for experiences like these. Although just a blip on the radar of life, it has lasting memories. And this night was very memorable, indeed.

Check back tomorrow for the non-winning pizza recipe (although still tasty enough to share on the blog, I hope.)