Serious Eats Pancakes. Thanks BraveTart.

We are in an ongoing pancake predicament over here at the Smith Homestead. Pancakes are a staple in the Saturday morning diet of these growing boys and even with years of Saturday morning pancake-ing under our belt, we are on an ongoing quest for that perfect pancake recipe.
A cry for help on Facebook led me to this site, thanks to my friend Stella over at BraveTart (yes, that Stella. One of Food and Wine's best new pastry chefs...she's pretty remarkable.)

**and so many of those beautiful images on BraveTart's site are photographed by Sarah Jane that I talked about yesterday. Go over and swoon...

I had Stella's recipe suggestion sitting on one of those back brain burners for weeks and finally set aside the 2 minutes required to print it off last Saturday morning. The recipe is good...really good. Is it IHOP good? Maybe not. But any pancake that is flipped on a griddle while you drink cheap coffee at a Formica table and comes out served with pats of prepackaged butter is probably going to taste just a little better than homemade. Go ahead, agree. It's ok.
Find the recipe over at Serious Eats, but before you go...



  1. Thanks for sharing this! I have been looking for the ultimate pancake recipe. Definitely trying this for our special breakfast Sunday.

  2. I am a pancake affection ado as well, so I always welcome yet another recipe to try! I rarely have actual buttermilk on hand but I do right now, so...

  3. I don't get pancakes very often - maybe once a year at best (I haven't had pancakes now for going on two years) - I have yet to find a satisfactory-tasting gluten-free recipe, which doesn't send my blood sugar off the charts (also diabetic, along with the celiac disease) too, but when I do have pancakes, I have one with whipped butter and jam/jelly (either strawberry or plum), and another with the traditional English topping of a light sprinkle of granulated sugar and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice - my family heritage is English, and it's what my mother did when I was a kid/still does. My hubby, who has no issues, has nothing but the best maple syrup I can find down here in Australia...

  4. I am so happy to see the Vermont Maple Syrup! I was born and raised there, spent almost all 23 years of my life in VT, so I love seeing someone else appreciating the best of the best :)

  5. Hmmm, I'm sure all varieties of pancakes are delicious.

  6. Maple syrup and butter all the way!