Hello Summer Break.

Summertime~ let it begin.

Otto and his friend, Lila.
Summer is a challenge. With as much fun as we have, with three boys ~ it can be a challenge to fill a day. Some summer camps are in store but we are always on the hunt for ideas. How will you and your kids be enjoying summer break?


  1. Are your boys doing any of the camps at TLS? Colin is going to do 2 of them and then he's doing a cooking camp at Wild Thyme! I can totally appreciate how hard it is to fill long summer days (:

  2. My oldest is attending Summer Camp with his Boyscout troop at Camp Friedlander in Cincy at the end of June. I've got my 6 yr old signed up for free Spanish camp and a writing camp at Carnegie Center and 4 year old signed up for early learner book club at Carnegie. I was thinking about sending my 4 yr old to a Summer program at St John's Lutheran... maybe later in the Summer. I've purchased pool passes for the family so we spend a lot of time at the pool. We'll definitely be going to the Zoo once or twice this Summer for the animals and the splashin' Safari. In between all the fun stuff, I will be making sure the kids do some skill building or retaining... Oh, and The Kentucky Theatre does the WEdnesday Classics and of course the Library has activies throughout the Summer. In fact, there's a wonderful program coming up in a couple of weeks involving wild and exotic animals. The same guy comes every year with different animals (last year he brought a kangaroo and a hedgehog) that he takes care of on his farm in Tennessee. He's great! I also have a Summer Science packet I bought from online from my favorite home school blogger at Harmony Fine Arts.com