The Makings of How to Make an Apple Pie Video

Mike and I tackled a really creative and exciting project together recently. Our first HD cooking video. It was an absolute blast to film and even the editing process proved to be rather enjoyable~
Ben Sollee gave the thumbs up for us using his amazing song ~ if you aren't familiar with this innovative cello skills and amazing voice, you will be now. He's incredible.
(Click the little gear at the bottom to change the quality to HD & the 4 corner frame thing to watch it in full screen) Full Recipe for actually making a homemade apple pie with homemade pie crust coming soon..
Please feel free to share this video on your social media networks...we're already dreaming up the next. What would you like to see?

Click below for some behind the scenes photos ~ There was certainly a steep learning curve.

My dear friend over at Vrai let us try our hand at this HD video stuff with her uber fancy Canon 5D. Dreamy, dreamy. We moved the butcher block island right in front of the back door to capture as much natural light as possible and it was a continual process of tinkering with the look of things. Such a learning process and Mike was a whiz at picking it up instantly.
Now to save for our own dreamy 5D...



  1. Very pretty and artistic!

  2. Great job! I've really been enjoying short videos like this lately. Martha Stewart's digital magazine has had a few like this and I find them (and yours) so soothing and centering. Looking forward to seeing the next one!

  3. I love the video! It certainly is the art of homemaking.

  4. So neat-- thank you! Nothing like homemade apple pie. I made some with girlfriends last fall-- it helps to have some company when you're doing the time-consuming crust which does take a while, but it's totally worth it!

  5. i loved it megan! a very unique approach and it made it seem so simple. i've never attempted to make a pie...i know!! so terrible, but it's always seemed so frightening....your video is inspiring though. i'm pinning it! great job! ;)

  6. Absolutely love this video. I am inspired!

  7. What an enchanting, inspiring video! Discovering your blog has made such a marvelous impact on my life...thank you! I am enthralled with the darling yellow chick sugar container you have. May I ask how you acquired it? I am hoping to own one, too! :)
    Thank you, holly

  8. Wow Holly! What a special comment. The bird came from Anthropologie a few years ago.I am not sure if they carry it any longer or not. I do love it so and I hope I never break it! ;)

  9. You are a dear ~ thank you so much for responding. My lil' yellow ceramic bird hunt starts immediately!
    P.s. are you on instagram by any chance? Xoxo

  10. Holly~ You are the second person this week to ask me about Instagram. I think I need to check that out....which means, no, I'm not on there...yet! ;)
    Good luck hunting down a little yellow bird. Let me know if you find it. I think I should probably buy a back up one just in case~