A Dream House~

I live in my dream house. Most may not consider a 50's brick bungalow on a suburban street a dream house (especially given my personality and tastes), but to me, its a dream house. When we bought it ~ hunter green sand textured walls, faux finishes on every surface and walls closing in every room ~ it wasn't my dream house. But we bought it because it was within our budget. It became our transition home of sorts. It was deemed "the house BEFORE the dream house".
But 4 years, hundreds of hours of remodeling work and thousands of hours of memories later, it is indeed our dream home.
Don't get me wrong. 1400 square feet of space is getting smaller by the day with 3 boys running around. I dream of luxuries like mudrooms, game rooms and pantry space. But long ago I learned to either figure out a solution for all of those missing elements or find contentment without them. 
Today we traveled 20 minutes out of town to go look at a house. We aren't even in the market for a house right now (for those who may or may not know...my hubby has been laid off for 16 months now). But something about it called our names. It felt like a good day to dream big again.
We aren't sure when we will move from this little home we have grown to love. Maybe soon...maybe later. Contentment is key~ and we do have that. Everything else will come to fruition in time.