A Morning Photoshoot with BraveTart & Sanola

A morning photo shoot with some talented friends. This little town of Lexington we live in...it breeds some really facinating, creative people; I consider myself blessed. On this particular Tuesday~ a photoshoot for lovely Ms. BraveTart. Who's writing a cookbook. And who makes really yummy desserts at Table 310. Sarah Jane, her photographer and owner of Sanola, makes magic with photographs. I occasionally held a prop or light but mostly I stood back and watched these two work in harmony. They have quite the partnership forged and some big, exciting things are on the horizon for them both~


  1. I would love to come with you sometime when you help her out with photography. I'm certainly not as talented as you (or creative) but I'm very eager to learn and I figure what better way to learn than to volunteer and watch a professional! Oh and I can't wait for Stella's cookbook (:

  2. Her cookbook is going to be amazing, Danielle! I keep talking with Sarah Jane about offering a food photo class here locally. Wouldn't that be awesome!?

  3. how fun to be a part of it all!