This is Trent Loos

Our downtown Starbucks is a crowded one. And on one recent Friday morning, even more so. Lots of out-of-towners clamoring for their morning jolt before heading back to the convention center and businessmen having their first meetings of the day. On this morning, I was joining my dear friend for coffee. We cozied into a booth and spent time talking through the weeks events.
Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a man slowly approach our table. I did a double take. This was not just any man. He was a larger-than-life-kind-of-man with a handlebar mustache and wide brimmed black cowboy hat. Not the usual suspect in downtown Lexington. This man, Trent Loos, was coming to meet my friend (his friend,,,,she's a popular girl) for coffee.

He sat down to chat for less than an hour and then was off to the airport and I to my next meeting.
Leaving, I had a feeling of amazement. I had just met somebody amazing. Little did I know how that morning would have such a lasting impact. Isn't it funny how life does that?
In that span of time, Trent Loos (I can't help but call him by both names...he's really THAT larger-than-life), broadened my view of rural America, raised my awareness of the issues facing the AG industry and challenged my sense of responsibility to be a part. It wasn't just the words he spoke that morning but more so what I've come to learn about his mission since that time.
Trent Loos, a sixth generation United States farmer raising livestock in rural Nebraska, with his broad smile, humble demeanor and sparking eyes is unlike any farmer I've ever met. Trent Loos is an anomaly. A trailblazer. And an advocate for millions.
With nothing more than vocalizing a dream to have his own radio show (I'm a huge believer in stating goals and dreams to see them come to fruition!) and a passion for the truth, Trent Loos launched Loos Tales in 2001. Today, his radio show airs on over 100 stations throughout rural America and is heard by more than 4 million daily. Over the years he's added other show titles and his audience and platform continue to grow exponentially. Trent Loos, while still farming the land he loves with his family, spends much of his time on the road, educating, advocating and wreaking a bit of havoc surrounding controversial issues of animal agriculture and food production. Its impossible to do any justice in a blog post about how this man with a dream, a passion and vision is transforming farm life not only in rural America but around the I won't even try. You'll have to go see for yourself.

I'm talking about this sparkling eyed cowboy today not just because he's challenged me to learn about the issues affecting agriculture and food sustainability in our country but because you need to be challenged too. Listen to his daily shows, follow his advocacy trail through his updates and event schedule and support the efforts of those he aligns with, like the All-American Beef Battalion~ a downright amazing organization made up of members from the US Beef Cattle Industry doing some inspiring acts of kindness to support our troops.

I hope I cross paths again someday with Trent Loos. I think that Husker farm boy might have a few more things to teach this Buckeye city girl about real American life.