New York City

From about middle school onward, I was an artist. I would stay for hours in my bedroom, painting and drawing~listening to The Beatles on my record player (how about some Paperback Writer!?)~ and thinking about a life in New York City.
Tomorrow I will take my first trip. Its been a long time coming, just ask anyone who knows me well. I'm overly annoying about the topic.
The blog will be quiet this week~ no computer going on the trip...hence no post updates. But you know what I'd love? I'd love hearing your suggestions, your ideas, and your tour guide tips of what to do in the city that never sleeps. I won't have much time shuttling between meetings, but in that little time I do have~ I intend to make the most of it.
Central Park~ Photo can be purchased here
(**Dear Mom...Don't worry. I won't take a jog in Central Park at dusk. And please refrain from watching any crime scene shows next week that take place in NYC. Love~ Your Daughter)


  1. Don Antonio is Hell's Kitchen (right by Broadway) has fabulous pizza. I believe the NYT named it the best pizza in NY, so that's a good start! We ate there in December and loved their montanara starita specialty pizza -- flash fried pizza crust dough topped with mozzarella and basil and tomato sauce. It was wonderful. We loved that it was so different from what we'd eaten before.

    Enjoy the trip!

  2. I can't wait to hear all about it! Particularly if it's over a piece of cake. And whiskey. ;-)

  3. My advice is to skip the Empire State Building. That's the only "touristy" thing I've done and wasn't worth it... The line was soooo long. For food I love Essex in the lower east side for brunch .

  4. Your note to your mom made me laugh out loud... because my mom does the same thing! She watches too many crime shows!
    My only advice about NYC is to eat everything you can! Yum! Have fun!

  5. I have not been - yet. But my bff just came back and her feet still hurt. Wear comfortable shoes!

  6. I hope you checked out the High Line on the west side. I can't wait to hear your impressions of the city. I grew up visiting NYC frequently and can't imagine what it looks like to someone who has never been. I hope it was magical for you! I think cities are so inspiring and infinitely interesting. I hope you weren't too overwhelmed!