Table Three Ten

One of my favorite places in Lexington...make that Kentucky...actually maybe even in this time zone, is an enchantingly cozy place called Table Three Ten. At night, it radiates. Candles, energy, music, food, libations...each element is cued for perfection. And perfection it nurtures each and every night.

From time to time, I end up here~ in the middle of the day. When all is quiet is except for the hum of the Kitchen Aid mixer whipping up another one of Stella's desserts or the muffled chopping sounds from the back kitchen . This is my favorite time. The energy is different, but still present. There are boxes of produce just dropped off by local farmers, shipments of bottles to stock the bar and always a little something unexpected...on this day, heavenly smells of meat being smoked for the dinner crowd ahead.

Meeting someone that was delayed at another appointment, I had a bit of time to myself~ to take a few photos, listen to the rain, sip a cup of coffee and watch as the place slowly gained speed and life for the night ahead.