Trading The Smith Homestead for a Hotel (for now)

2013 was a pretty crazy year. And by pretty...I mean insanely. And then we met 2014...and you multiply that "insanely" by 467 and you might be in the ballpark of what life looks like nowadays. In every aspect.
But I guess in most respects, we have never really lived a "normal" life. We've crammed about 10 lifetimes into this 15 year marriage and there seems to be no slowing down on the amazing adventure.
So when I tell people that we live a life of simplicity~ it doesn't usually compute properly. But for us, life is rather simple. We surround ourselves with joy and forgo clutter. We tackle projects and goals that are in line with our passions and purpose in life, nothing that derails or over complicates the big picture. We keep our schedules streamlined, keeping family time as the priority...and to us, that's about as simple and beautiful as life can get.
Almost two weeks ago we said goodbye to our homestead. That little home just on the outskirts of downtown came to be the heart of our family and our community of friends. It was a painful goodbye. Maybe a bit more than we had anticipated since we didn't have that next homestead to look forward to.
With the closing papers signed we said goodbye to Lexington and took the biggest leap we've taken as a family to date. We moved to Ohio~ following Mike and his career. The past week has been a blur. Enrolling kids in school, inspections on a house we hope to buy, living in a hotel for the foreseeable future, operating the magazine from wherever I can capture WiFi, giving Mike the time and space to get his feet wet in his new job, coming alongside the kids with words of encouragement and help as they make new friends and dive head first into these life changes with us.

For now....the hotel is our home. Simplicity to the max. And truly, it couldn't be more perfect. Our room has become like this little cocoon of ease and reprieve for our family. Each morning we wake up and stumble down the hallway for a hot breakfast and coffee before heading off for school. And we spend each evening watching Food Network, swimming and sleeping soundly with the same four walls around us. Between those times, we have maid service ;)

I never thought living in a hotel for nearly a month would be so....necessary right now. But nothing could be more so. The whirlwind of the past 2 months has been incredibly chaotic and as much as I thought I wanted to just swiftly move into a new home in our new town, I wouldn't trade these days and weeks of solitude in our corner of the hotel for anything. Choosing paint colors, unpacking boxes, setting up bed frames and filling a refrigerator can definitely wait. Because getting to explore a new town with these boys without the lingering house-unpacking-to-do list is absolutely the best idea we've had in a long time...



  1. Oh, that sounds nevertheless really hard to me. I hope, that you find a beautiful new home soon.
    Best wishes, Micha

  2. I can relate, having just moved. To have that in-between time to just be as a family without house stuff pulling at us would truly be a gift... And maid service.... Yes please!

  3. congratulations on the move! I can totally relate having just moved back to PA and now living with the in-laws. I miss my own space and kitchen, but seeing the silver lining and appreciating this time of transition has been surprisingly wonderful! thanks for sharing. -Dana

  4. What an incredible journey to embrace as a family unit! We lived in a hotel for several weeks when we moved across country a couple years ago, with two young sons and in my third trimester with our third son. It brought us so close!

  5. Wow! What an exciting adventure - or terrifying leap. You could look at it either way and I'm so glad you're looking at it as the adventure!! Just reading your writing and seeing the pictures about it shares a little bit of the excitement with us! I love spontaneous road trips, unplanned adventures, whirlwind life updates - yet I hate change! (We have a love-hate relationship :-p) It's like the reaction Rapunzel has to her newfound freedom in the movie "Tangled". Hehe.
    I hope by now you're still greatly enjoying the time with your family, and maybe even found your dream home. :) You sound like a great helper to your husband - just by your reaction to the situation! God bless!
    P.S. I am actually from Ohio! :)

  6. megan, you are amazing, i have not had the chance to pop here in so long and when i do you seem to be on a new journey. i love the brightsides, maid service, buffet breakfast. i know you have so much at the other side of this mountain too. with love, x ashley