Guest Blogger Guidelines:

1. Word count of 350-500 words.

2. Guest posts must be original and published nowhere else—unless you have been specifically asked to share something that has been featured on your blog. You agree to not publish the submitted post but may put a teaser on your blog.

3. Make sure it’s the best post you’re capable of writing - Remember, this will be your first introduction to many new readers. Make a good first impression!

4. Articles may be edited. Please don’t be offended if we suggest changes, fix grammar, add links etc. However, no major changes will be made without your approval. It’s still your post.

5. As a guest blogger, you will link Art of Homemaking (AoH) on your social media outlets (FB, your Twitter, your blog) and we will do the same for you.

6. We also allow a byline with a link to your blog, FB and Twitter. Something like this:
“Molly Brooks is a blogger and businesswoman who can be found at Brooks Bakes. She lives in Missoula and plays pool in her spare time.”

7. Don’t bog down your post with links to other sites. And no posts that seem to be 'sponsored' or trying to sell product will be published.

8. Images must be credited. Content must be new or credited.

Right of Refusal...
The only posts we will publish are those that add value to our readers. If we do not publish your post please do not be offended. We understand the effort involved but it may not be a good fit for our blog or even just be bad timing. We will not be able to respond with reasons for not publishing because of the time involved. You will obviously be able to use your post any where if we reject it.

How to Submit a Post
If your post meets the above guidelines:
Please email it for consideration here. (you will need to replace the word 'at' with the '@') I will try to respond with a “yes” or “no” within one week.
Please include some of your stats: size of your readership, number of blog readers, Facebook friends, and Twitter followers.
Please type or paste the post in your email body. If you send it as an attachment it will probably go to spam.

Have fun with it and feel free to pitch any ideas my way. I’m looking for
ongoing guest blogging relationships!