Canaan's Dinner

I never could have imagined that a 3 year old could be so comfortable in the kitchen. Canaan loves to cook. Always has and I imagine, probably always will. (this along with many other things that he loves doing like painting, cleaning, taking walks, and collecting things). Anyhow, for Christmas we bought him his first cookbook. A really cute kids cookbook with washable pages and such. He has been planning out his menus for weeks now and finally we got around to making one of the dishes. He wanted to make the chicken and fries from the cookbook. So I stood back and read him the directions as he raced around the kitchen getting ingredients, cracking eggs for the batter, dredging the chicken, and coating the potatoes with olive oil and s&p. He was astonishing. Of course he has been doing most of these things for months now, but to see it all come together and him literally make his own dinner from scratch was crazy!! The only thing I did was cut his potatoes and stick it in the oven. He cleaned up as he went and looked like he had spent his life in the kitchen....well I guess he practically has!