Late Night Scrabble with friends.

Our friends Allan and Mandy Caley and their son Andrew came in to visit this weekend from Orlando. It was such a nice visit and we always enjoy our time with them. Last night we sat out on the porch, played scrabble, and ate Banoffee Pie late into the night. Mandy (in the picture) put us all to shame.
Banofee pie, which is a British thing (Allan and Mandy are from England) is so unique and delish! I do ours in a tart shell so I guess it is more of a Banoffee Tart-but anyhow. It has a tart shell which is layered with homemade toffee, bananas, homemade whipped cream, camp coffee, and sugared almonds. Maybe I'll post the recipe soon. It is a Jamie Oliver (the Naked Chef) recipe. Yummo!