My Blogging Friends

I thought I'd take this post to share with you a couple of my friends blogs. They are so fun and creative and inspiring to me....I hope you think so too!

Kristie Harris
Freedom Martinez

Also--many of you tell me in person that you read the blog. I would love it too if you would post in the comment section from time to time so I know you are out there! :)

Lastly, cooking around here has been minimal. It always seems to be in the summer anyhow, but for some reason this summer we have been so busy that making a nice meal is not on the forefront of my mind. Here is a pic I took of our dinner a few nights ago. A pre-made pizza we picked up at the grocery store and brought home to be made even better. We added lots of seasonings, toppings, cheese to make it more "homemade". Not too bad for a meal on the run :)