Canaan's wishes and dreams...

Our Family

Canaan came home yesterday with some homework. Somewhat of a "get to know Canaan" assignment. There were some basic questions he had to answer and as much as I feel I know Canaan he continually suprises me. I thought I'd share some of his responses with you

When asked what he wants to be when he grows up he said "a Golfer". Ok, I know he loves to golfin the backyard but I still didn't expect that answer!
When asked what he doesn't like he said "the devil", which I LOVED! Go Canaan! He also said one of his wishes would be to eat 100 marshmallows....he loves marshmallows and talks about them often. He even told me recently he wants to start his own business making different flavors of marshmallows. He said his first flavor would be peach. And the company would be called....Marshmallow.