As sad as it is that Canaan is now a big boy and off to school, I am finding that it now gives me time with Ezra. I don't think I had realized how much one-on-one time I DIDN'T have with Ezra because my interaction time with him was with Canaan as well or they were interacting together.
Its been so nice being able to have conversations with him (you know, 2 year old conversations), have cuddle time on the couch, read books, go shopping, and do projects together. I loved that time I had with Canaan before Ezra arrived and now I am appreciating the fact that they were spaced far enough apart in age that I get this time with Ezra.
The task of cleaning out our junk closet was accomplished yesterday. I even cleaned out the crazy office drawers that were stuffed with pens, dead batteries, tape, tools, and whatever else got shoved in over time.

It is all organized now and batteries and such are in their own baggies. I donated about 60 pens (I have about another 60 to donate which are in another drawer) to the Goodwill which was liberating! Its weird things like pens that just continue to collect and accumulate and then you have to delegate like one entire drawer in your house to it. Its crazy! Just learning to live with less and less is so free-ing and makes our life around here alot more simplified. I find I have to clean alot less and there is more room and time for creativity, entertaining, and family.
We were by no means hoarders. In fact I have always been a bit streamlined with my things, but it really has to be an intentional thing for me to purposefully go through our things and think through whether or not I need 120 pens around the house or 100 magazines I will never read again.
I have no idea how I got on that tangent! So today is going to be a low key day. Maybe a trip to the bookstore, some reading on the couch, and possibly an afternoon nap. This evening we will go to our friends house to bring them dinner and see their new place. Its a dreamy place out in the country with a big sunporch and high ceilings.....ahhh....dreamy.