Lesson #1 __ Don't put crayons in the dryer

So I had intentions to blog about other things today but I am so disgusted with myself and my little "situation" that I am not inspired to write much at all. The situation I am referring to is the fact that after a week of my boys clothes piling up, I washed an enormous load of laundry with nearly ALL of their clothes in it (and I do mean all : new khaki shorts, applique tee's I made for the boys, shirts, socks, jeans, etc...)
When I went to fold them this morning from the dryer my jaw hit the floor when I looked in and the dryer and all of its contents were shades of red and pink. EVERYTHING is stained. And not just little spots here and there. Full on, total destruction stained.
All we can guess is that a red crayon made it into the dryer via a pants pocket? and melted on everything. Totally aweful given the fact that 2 kids entire wardrobes were affected. I was really sad that their embroidered and applique tees that I made them were badly damaged b/c I had hoped to continue making and saving those for them as little memories down the road....well I guess it is still a memory!
So that was the beginning of the day. Ezra has been out of sorts today. Very grouchy and willfull.
Let the day continue! (p.s. it was a brand new dryer :(