Thrift Store finds

Last night after we took dinner to our friends we stopped by one of our favorite thrift stores. I haven't been thrift store shopping in a while. I have MADE myself stay away. Usually I go to do my Ebay shopping but I have put that on hiatus for a while so I really haven't had a need to go and along with getting rid of things that we no longer need and wanting to save money, thrift store shopping hasn't been in the cards.
But last night we stopped and I am so glad we did!! I found this amazing old wooden crate painted one of my favorite colors. It goes PERFECTLY with the house and it will give a nice home to the quilts in the living room this winter.
Secondly I spotted these amazing dishes. The deal with Salvation Army is that if it doesn't have a price tag, they can't sell it to you. How ridiculous is that? It is donated items sold to help people. Anyhow, these dishes didn't have a price tag. I asked one employee who said they'd have to be sent to the back to be re-priced and they'd be back out in a couple of days. A couple of days!? So I put them in the cart and when I finished shopping I had Mike turn on the charm :) to the cashier and explain to her how much we wanted these and that they had no price tag. She understood our dilema and heard our cries. She sold us the whole set for $1.50. I was/am estatic!
I sat down at the end of a long day to embroider a bit. It helps me clear my mind and gives me something to just zone out doing for a bit. I embroidered a little fall scene onto some linen and hung it in our little seasonal thing we have going by the door.

Today I will do a ton of laundry. I need to wash and hang our quilts out on the line, wash some fabric and get it ready for winter sewing projects, and do a couple loads of family laundry before Mike's mom and boyfriend come in this weekend to help us set up plumbing and electricity to move the washer and dryer out of our kitchen and into the master bathroom in the back of the house. Hooray!!