Announcing...An Artist in the Hoooouuuuse.

Saturday night was the "Meet & Greet Holiday Open House" at Street Scene. As I mentioned last week, this adorable little shop here in Lexington started carrying some of my crafty creations and even gave me my own little display area.

So Saturday came and I was excited, yet nervous about the open house. Mike and I were going to go around 6pm with our 15 year old niece and our boys. Around 3pm Canaan threw up (yucko), twice, which left Mike to stay at home with the boys and my niece and I heading to the open house alone.

The "Meet and Greet" was from 6-9pm. My niece and I showed up on time (its a thing with me...) and grabbed a cup of tea at the coffee house next door. Nervously I mozied on over to the shop where they had put out big trays of food and bottles of wine. It was so festive in there and I felt incredibly proud to have a part in such a creative and unique place.

(Our dear friends Jason and Kris' daugher Jordana, lending her support. Thanks Jordana!)

(Some of our college small group (and friends of course) lending their support. Thanks guys!)

It ended up being a great night. By 7:30 the place was absolutely packed. I had some good friends come out and show their support which was incredibly meaningful to me (thanks to you all!).

(My niece, Ragan, and I. Because of the crazyiness of the afternoon I didn't have time to do my hair...hence the hat.)

(There's my stuff. On that rack up there. See it? :)

Now that I have that behind me I am starting to get a bit frantic about the amount of holiday gifts that must get done in a month. It doesn't help that we will be in Florida for 2 weeks of that time so I am REALLY having to kick it into high gear. In fact, I think the sewing machine will be coming to the hotel with us if I ever hope to get it all done in time. Maybe I'll have to look for an outlet for the sewing machine pool side? Maybe a slinky little bikini, stiletto heels, big diva sunglasses, and my sewing machine...oh yeah baby!