What I've Been Thinking About...

Since our recent trip to Orlando and having the chance to visit our most amazing church family once again down there, I have had so much to think about.
Pastor Mark always just has the right thing to say right when we need it...he always has (thanks to the Holy Spirit working in him and through him and his obedience to speak the Word in Spirit and in Truth.)
I have been listening to some of his sermons from here at home and have been mulling over a few thoughts this weekend.
The biggest thing that has been convicting me and giving me new perspective is when Mark said that we need to live BIG lives, not small lives. If your (my) life is small we get caught up in the pettiness of life. Every offense someone does against us we take personally. Every word spoken against us makes us feel defeated and down. Each time something happens that wasn't in our "plan" we fall apart or start feeling discouraged and defeated. This is living a small life. BUT when you live a BIG life, the petty things don't bother us because we know that we have so much to accomplish here on Earth that any little distraction can throw us off course or take us out of the game. Living a BIG life allows us to put things in perspective and realize that if an important dinner gets cancelled, a family member criticizes us or falsely accuses us we can move past it with ease and grace because we live with purpose that God is doing something BIG with our lives and we need to remain focused and determined.
Of course Mark says this with much more preciseness and deeper truth. If you are interested in that specific sermon you can find it here. Click on the sermon "Live Big" (1&2).

We were blessed this past weekend with $260. Mike had married 2 of our friends and while at the wedding a couple of the family members gave us money as a thank you for Mike performing the ceremony. It was totally unexpected and such a great blessing to us--especially at the holiday season.

Both Mike and I value being good stewards of what we have been given by God. We try to buy what we need and not buy just "because". We share meals when we go out to eat, we teach the boys the importance of enjoying what we have and not always wanting more, and we always have fun together as a family finding adventures to do together on weekends and cooking meals together during the week.
Not too long ago we were at a bible study and the leader was speaking and said "we all need to be more like Mike and Megan who live so simply and small." I actually kind of felt a bit offended by that because it seemed in the context he said it we were living "without". I absolutely think that we live the most full and wonderful life! The only thing I desire more is that we could share more of what we have. I would love if we could support more missionaries, give more of our time, and as Pastor Mark said during his sermon, share our "words" with others. He challenged us to not be stingy with our words. It is so easy to be stingy with our words of encouragement and hope to our friends and family and people we meet. I want to freely give words to people around me.
Wow--that was wordy and possibly a bit confusing? I hope I was able to share what I am thinking effectively.
Let me know what you think about it all if you get a chance. I'd love to know your thoughts.