Lets Talk Wardrobe...

As spring approaches (ever so slowly), I am getting in all of those great catalogs with the latest spring and summer looks.
The bright colors, full skirts, fun dresses and sandals...oh the cute sandals!
But in an attempt to get our finances in order in 2009 I haven't been shopping much lately.
So I turned to my closet for inspiration. Yesterday I started looking through what I had and what I could "improve" on to make my existing wardrobe work for me.
2 items came out of the closet and over to my sewing machine~
1. a super cute dress I bought last year at Macy's. I found it in the jr. department and I was immediately drawn to the unique orangy/yellow color and the fun collar. It was $4 on clearance so I picked it up knowing FULL WELL it was way too short for my 5'10" frame. It is WAY too hoochy mama short for me. I have tried wearing it with jeans and I just can't pull off that look.
2. another clearance shirt that I gravitated to. It was a 75% off shirt from Target. It reminded me of an Anthropologie top I had purchased once. I love the floral pattern and the slight puffed sleeves. Unfortunately it was a size L and way too wide on the sides. It also had a waist band which made it seem even wider.

So I took both of these items and grabbed out my favorite fitting Anthropologie top. I turned the dress and shirt inside out and traced out my favorite fitting shirt (with a 1/2" allowance), cut them out, and quickly sewed them into their new shape. I pressed the bottom edge up and ran a stitch along that as well.

I am COMPLETELY thrilled that both dress and large shirt are perfectly fitting shirts similar to my favorite Anthropologie one. And seriously both took me about 15 minutes.

I saw this cute dress in Garnet Hill catalog. This would be so simple to make!!! I am planning on making a couple of these for this summer.

And oh...these shoes....how I adore these shoes. Unfortunately I have no leather shoe making skills and my budget isn't going to allow for these beauties but I will drool nonetheless. (Both are from www.FreePeople.com)

Are any of you making some spring clothes? Finding any good sales?