My house is a wreck!

Our week has started out as such:

1. lots of sewing
2. lots of reading
3. little to no cleaning
4. staying in pajamas as much as possible.

Today we add on top of that a sick 6 year old boy who has been curled up on the couch in a quilt all morning.

(** bragging moment please~ Canaan is such a super reader! He loves it and is breezing through reading 2nd and 3rd grade chapter books--and he's in kindergarten! Best of all he comprehends what he reads well too. He was reading Nate the Great this week and literally couldn't put it down. He kept saying "this book is so good!"~ bragging moment is now over )

I am trying to finish a large quantity of aprons for Street Scene as well as a new client, Cherry Bomb, up in Louisville. When I sew, my house goes to pot. It really does... scraps of fabric everywhere, the ironing board takes up 1/2 of our living room floor space, dishes start piling up, I forget to feed my kids..really it is pitiful. The end is in sight though and I'll tuck away my sewing machine for a good week or so after this marathon.

I'll leave with this:

After church on Sunday all 4 of us were eating lunch together and Mike asked Ezra what he learned in church. First he said "God is my God". We agreed and asked if he learned anything else. He then said "When I talk, Jesus listens to me". To which Canaan then replied "Ezra, you aren't the king of the universe. Jesus doesn't have to listen to you!" Mike and I cracked up for the longest time about that. Both boys were quite confused by one another and finally we had to explain to Canaan (who is the most literal child I have ever known) that Ezra was talking about when he prays Jesus listens to him, not that Jesus has to obey what Ezra is saying.
I love childhood!!