You are the best...

As I tucked Canaan in bed last night I laid my head on his pillow and stroked his hair. After a few minutes he turned to me and said,
"You are the best girl I have ever met." He then added "and the best mom I have ever had." My heart melted (of course)! I am such a blessed gal!

Canaan had a flurry of excitement yesterday. He takes tennis lessons for an hour each week and absolutely loves them. He was thrilled to find out he could jump to the next level--no longer in PeeWee Tennis! Go Canaan!!

After tennis we came home and while dinner cooked and he was doing his homework, his first tooth fell out. This tooth thing has been a bit nerve wracking for him. He was under the impression that the reason other kids teeth fell out at school was because they didn't brush them as well as he did. So when his tooth started wiggling a couple of weeks ago, he became a bit panicked. We reassured him that it was ok and he was still taking very good care of his teeth. The tooth actually falling out caused him some concern but he was soon over it.

In other news~ I am trying something new around the kitchen. I have decided for the next couple of weeks to freeze meals. There is much hoopla around about freezing meals for later use. There's even those amazing women that can freeze meals for an entire month in one day! I often feel overwhelmed by the idea of freezing meals ahead of time. I envision hours in the kitchen chopping veggies, making sauce, etc... A while back we bought a deep freeze at auction (an $825 Sears upright freezer for $ kidding..) Anyhow, I often freeze purees, fruits, pumpkin, avocado, and bread---but whole meals? Not really.
But as summer approaches I will want to be in the kitchen less and less. I can already forsee lazy days at the pool or the park that stretch into 5 and 6 o'clock at night. Am I going to want to go home and cook a meal at 6:30 on a summer night? Heck no! So I am preparing ahead.

For the next 2 weeks (atleast) I am doubling whatever meal I am already making and freezing it. For example~ this is what I have done this week:

Monday: We had breakfast for dinner ~~ I made a double batch of pancakes and froze
15 additional pancakes for breakfasts down the road.

Tuesday: We had lasagna.~~ So I made 2 lasagnas, side by side and froze one.

Wednesday: We had grilled chicken and baked potatoes.~~ Instead of baking 4 potatoes, I baked 8 and took the additional 4 and made stuffed potatoes to freeze. I grilled an additional pack of chicken and froze grilled chicken strips.

This has only taken about 15 extra minutes a day! Its fun to see my freezer filling up with meals for down the road. I should have done this years ago!!!