New Home Decor

Around our home we have lots of quilts. Quilts we've inherited from family, quilts we've made, and quilts we've bought from estate auctions. They have moved from place to place in our home~ a cedar trunk, an old crate, stacked up on the floor, and now on an old ladder.
I have looked for a couple of years now for an old wooden ladder to display our quilts. I was surprised at how hard it was to find the perfect ladder. About a year ago I noticed an old ladder hanging on a shed in the hollow where Mike's mom lives. The home had been torn down but the shed still stood with the old ladder hanging on it. This year for my birthday I asked for that ladder. Mike's mom went and talked to the owner of the property and they gave her the ladder for my birthday present.
We brought it home, sanded it a bit and put a quick coat of sealer to protect the wood and protect the quilts from the old wood.

This weekend we brought it in and set it up along side our sofa and old bookcase. It goes from floor to ceiling and houses almost all of our quilts (except those we use on our beds.)
Another addition are these small wooden boxes I picked up at a little shop a while back. I had absolutely no use for them but at $2 a piece, I knew they would find a place at our home. They now house Canaan's ever growing rock collection.

Yes, he is at that magical age of rock and "crystal" collections. He spends his days out at recess looking for these little gems and then brings them home to put them in the boxes.
The weather is slowly starting to cool off. The leaves are beginning to change and we are definitely gearing up for the fall season around here...our favorite time of year.