Little Splurges

Budgeting is a big thing around here. We don't necessarily call it "budgeting" but we definitely pinch our pennies and try to do the best with what we make in a one income family.
With that said, we still find it important to splurge occasionally on little things. Today I picked up Canaan from school and he, Ezra and I headed over to the ice cream shop for some ice cream cones.

Part of me was doing the math knowing that I could very well have saved a couple of bucks going across the street to the grocery store and buying a half gallon.

But there is something so wonderful and exciting about an ice cream cone, isn't there? To get to choose your own flavor, choose your cone, and walk out with that very special treat.

Ezra has said "thank you" a million times since we arrived back home. Sweet boy...
I love these simple yet special times and they are worth every extra penny.