The 40th Week

After months of morning sickness, back pain, hormones, waiting, anticipation, and excitement the final week is here. Last Friday my midwife said I was 3cm and 60% effaced. This sent Mike into some sort of a crazed panic to finally finish our bathroom remodel and get things in order for this little guys arrival into the world.
I try to explain daily to my sweet hubby that just because I am measuring that way has no bearing on whether or not I will deliver now or in two weeks. With both older boys I was overdue so I have assumed I will be this time as well. Nonetheless, he "forbids" me (in that Homer Simpson kind of way), to go anywhere without him for fear that I will deliver the baby in a thrift store aisle or while looking at cookbooks at the library. (and in my Marge Simpson kind of way, I convince him that I can indeed take my 3 year old to the mall and all will be ok.)
With that said, I do deliver rather quickly. My first was born within 5 hours and my second was born within 3 hours. Both came into the world before the midwife could make it to the room.
My prayer is that this baby arrives just as happy and healthy as my other boys and I wouldn't mind a pain free, easy peasy labor either!