Having Him Home

Yes having Otto home with us is great, but the "him" I am referring to is Mike. He has a 2 week paternity leave and I am just absolutely giddy about having him home with us.
The first 5 years of our marriage were spent together, almost continually. We did full time missions work and were able to travel, work, play, entertain friends, and enjoy life together. Many couples would find that a bit hard to do, but we thrive on our time together.
For over six years now we have lived a "normal" American life. Mike is off to work each morning and home again for dinner. The kids demand most of our time in the evenings and by the time they are in bed we are ready to fall into bed ourselves.

We have always dreamed of owning our own company. Something we can do together each day. Having him home these two weeks has made us even more motivated to continue pursuing our dream of working together again.

We have stayed up late into the night and spent quite a few long car drives talking through our dreams and ideas to work towards that goal.
I'll keep you posted...