Sleep? What's that?

Sleep seems to be a forgotten word in this house now days. Otto is finding the hours between 2am and 7am most enjoyable for wakefulness and nursing. Oh how tiring this is for mama and daddy.

In the midst of the grogginess of the day we seem to be managing nonetheless. I am not back to sewing yet but have been taking a few minutes each day to cut patterns for future sewing projects.
I am not looking forward to next week when life really gets back to normal (i.e. dad heads back to work).

For now I will gladly enjoy having an extra set of hands to help change diapers, make Ezra's lunch, throw in a load of laundry, and clean up bowls after breakfast.

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In other news, I have finally launched a little online Etsy store. Previously I sold on Big Cartel but for the most part, all that I have made in the past I have sold to shops locally or through custom orders. From all that I have heard and read from other Etsy sellers (even the top sellers), making your first sales can take months. I am not too stressed about it. I am thankful to have a loyal cliental here locally although having an additional business online would be great too!