Around the House

I thought I'd do a bit of "around the house" photos this week. I always love seeing other peoples decor style and thought you may want to see what its like over here at the Smith Homestead. Our things change with the seasons. I move furniture around, change out pictures, knick knacks, and fabrics.
This is our living room~ well one wall of it. The paintings are ones that the boys did a couple of years ago and have found a permanent home on that wall. The table was an auction find over 10 years ago that I absolutely love. It has served many purposes. Kitchen table, sewing table, and side table. Underneath is a big old coal mine box that my mother-in-law bought me. I love the large rusted out colander on top of the table too.
When we moved in we painted all of the walls a color called "poetic light". I am a bit afraid of color on walls (although I do love color) so I opt to add color through our accessories and that way I can always add or take away depending on my mood or the season.
If anyone else would like to join me this week to show us around your house, please do! I would love to take a peak inside your home.
P.S. I am still recovering from a gut-wrenching Lost finale. I may be in mourning for weeks...