My Multi-Tasking Shoes

My birthday was this weekend. Yep~ I am officially a 32 year old. Instead of donning the usual "Ugh...I'm getting one year older" thing, I chose to embrace and celebrate whole heartily another year of life! And what a year 31 was. I spent most of it as sick as a dog incubating little Otto so I have had to make up for those lost months (either puking or wanting to puke) in these past 3 months!
To catch up on it all I multi-task. Have I ever mentioned that I am an amazing multi-tasker? Not only am I an efficient multi tasker but I have the uncanny ability to still enjoy each activity I am multi-tasking at. I am not a frazzled multi-tasker by any means. I move with ease from project to project and back around again.
This mornings multi-tasking involved finishing up some freezer paper stencil

blanching, cutting, and bagging enormous amounts of green beans that I found at the grocery store for $.20 a lb. (and let me just say here that I always get so excited to find such a deal and eagerly load bags of sale produce to take home and freeze. The problem comes when I physically have to prepare them to freeze. It is so time consuming, isn't it? All of the cleaning, chopping, boiling, etc... it kind of makes me kick myself for buying so much.)

Along with crafts and cooking, I had the joy of walking over to sweet Otto every couple of minutes to give him kisses and little words of praise. (Canaan and Ezra did lots of kissing on Otto too as they played board games).

So in celebration of my birthday and of my great multi-tasking skills, I bought myself my first pair of Dansko clogs. I never would have imagined myself as a Dansko kinda gal~ especially a patent cherry mary jane Dansko kinda gal. But they were on super clearance at Nordstrom this weekend and I couldn't pass up such a great deal. We typically never wear shoes in the house, but these Dansko's are the exception. With as much multi-tasking as I do in a day, these little beauties will be on these feet of mine most of the time.