Summer is in full swing here at the Smith Homestead (hence the lack of posts nowadays). Tennis lessons each morning get us up and out the door- not a small task for this mama of 3. Then there is the swimming lessons each afternoon. Throw in once a week lessons for fencing (Canaan) and basketball (Ezra) and I do believe I may have bitten off a bit more than I can chew!

It all started with those family magazines they have scattered around town. Browsing through them, there is an endless array of summer activities to sign up for. Camps, lessons, vacation bible schools, workshops.... We seemed to steer clear of almost all of these until this summer. But this summer, it got us. The thought of 2 rambunctious boys climbing the walls while I try to nurse a 3 month old every couple of hours was more than I could imagine.
I have no clue how families function like this week in and week out though. How do they keep up with it all? Thankfully after this week, life will slow down once more. We'll still have a few things here and there, but I am looking forward to getting our lives back into a steady routine and leaving behind this insane pace we've been keeping for 2 weeks now.

Blackened grouper sandwich on a homemade sesame seed roll with peach salsa and couscous salad.
Summer foods are here to stay for the duration of these warm weather months. Lots of grilled fish, couscous salads, green veggies from the garden, berries and loads of fresh pesto. yum.