Bye Bye Guest Room

I blogged a few days ago about our decision to stay in this home of ours a while longer (although if the perfect house came on the market for the perfect price, I may change my tune). But for now, we are in the mindset of making it work and enjoying every square inch of it.

My biggest complaint all along has been the lack of a sewing studio/ office. Our solution to the office problem was to use our one and only large closet as a small office. This has proven to be a total disaster. Namely, it eliminated our only large closet so we have had nowhere to put our winter coats, hide the vacuum or hide those things that only large closets can hide. Additionally, the "office" was just a total wreck all of the time. Ridiculously disorganized and for me, enough to nearly send me over the edge most days.

Last weekend I had an "ah-ha" moment about it all and since then life here in the Smith household has taken a turn for the better.
The "ah ha" moment I am speaking of was the decision to sell the guest bed and turn the guest room (that is only used 4-5 times a year) into a sewing studio/office. Why did this take me nearly 3 years to figure out???
Yes, we love our guests ~dearly. And we plan to still house them but to completely eliminate one room in our house for the potential guest that comes through was just senseless given the square footage we are dealing with here.

(I'm still standing to sew for now ~ eventually we'll bring a sewing table up and the
office stuff under the window is still in need of some organization)

The new space is set up and I can't believe how in love with the whole arrangement I am. Now we can all be upstairs ~ Mike working on "officy" kinds of things, me getting to sew and the boys playing in their room.
And to now have my dining room area back without the crafty clutter is so refreshing.
Now if we only had a mudroom...all of life's problems would be solved....