Inspiration Wednesday~

It is raining this morning. Cold, damp, dark...just the kind of morning I long for a bit of inspiration to get me going. I keep a file on my desktop titled "creative ideas". I realize this is now a stone aged practice of grabbing photos online to put in a file. Yes...I know...Pinterest. And actually with the month break I am taking from Facebook, I finally replied to that invitation email from Pinterest and joined.
It is quite dreamy. I get what all the hullaballo is about.
Not sure what inspires you on rainy days but here are a few of mine~

**most photos were found on Pinterest. Some were not. I wish I could remember where all of these lovely inspirations came from....
On a day like today, I love walking around antique shops and thrift stores with a coffee and a friend.

Seeing photos like this remind me that color is not my enemy. (Longtime readers know this fear of mine.)

A sweet (and talented) friend has asked me to help plan her wedding. I am honored. And when I
find photos like this it inspires me to want to plan everyones wedding!

The day spent here...this is definitely doable.

I can almost hear my heart praying this on a repeating loop lately.