First Day of School

These exhausting and yet so darn amazing. This summer was....long. Did it seem to drag on over in your corner of the world? Here at the Smith Homestead it sure did. By this morning, energy was high and everyone was ready to tackle another school year.

Ezra came home from his first day of first grade elated. Now as a first grader he can make his own food in the cafeteria. He was so proud to tell me he made his very own salad with tomatoes and Italian "sauce" as he called it. He said he was also the only kid at his table that tried the spicy burrito. Everyone else opted for turkey sandwiches. Good boy, Ezra.
You make mama proud.
Canaan has yet to come home from his first day of 4th grade. He is officially running cross country and has his first after school practice today. I couldn't help but feel a little pang of sentimentality and sadness as we went for his classroom visit last night. This year he has a locker, and his peers all look like they spent the summer in an abercrombie store watching Justin Bieber videos. There are braces on teeth, and girls carrying purses, and that ever present sign of children getting older...the "cool" factor. Oh my. I am not sure I'm ready.
Slow down life...slow down, please.