Thanksgiving in August

I absolutely love Thanksgiving. Well, for starters, I am a cold weather kind of girl. Nothing is better than a pair of thermal pants tucked into leg warmers and a big chunky wool sweater hanging down to my thighs. And besides the whole wardrobe factor, Thanksgiving has comfort food and the comfort of friends and family and mingling and tradition... I am a sucker for those sorts of things. I imagine many of you can relate.
The start to the week here in the Bluegrass state has been hot and muggy. But that hasn't deterred me from being in ultimate Thanksgiving mode. The gathering of friends to a beautiful manor to enjoy Thanksgiving 3 months early, couldn't have been more perfect.

This little blog, for some reason or another, has topped the Google rankings for Thanksgiving Day Menu searches for over 3 years. Remarkable! That accomplishment (although not pursued), is definitely one, as a Turkey day fan, I take pride in. Feel free to follow my Thanksgiving Pinterest many great ideas out there...where to start?

What special recipes or decor do you have your sights on creating this Thanksgiving?