Free Ad Space for 1 Lucky Female-Owned Business in CAKE&WHISKEY Magazine!

I know many of you, my amazing readers, are women business owners. And if you're not, you probably have a handful or two that you can think of. Over at  CAKE&WHISKEY Magazine  we're running a fantastic contest on Facebook where anyone can nominate their favorite woman-owned business by writing up a little shout-out about them and then getting votes! Anyone who’s tried to advertise in print knows how expensive a full page ad is, so this is a really amazing prize.  If you are a business owner and haven’t been nominated yet, simply nominate yourself and then get your customers and fans voting! Nominate here!

Don’t forget to pin the image and spread the word about this great magazine and the contest! Let’s get those hardworking business women nominated
Who will you be nominating??
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