The Garage

So our garage is a bit of a sore spot lately. I think I am idenifying in myself some OCD about things piling up. I was almost to the point of twitching just thinking about the state of the garage. UGH!!!
Our garage is someday going to be our studio. We hope to paint and seal the floor, drywall in the walls and make it more "studio like". But for now, the garage is our storage which I am slowing going through and organizing and ridding of junk we've accumulated.
Its hard because both Mike and I are creative minds. We like to dabble in many different hobbies which means we also have a lot of hobby stuff. We are beginning to simplify and prioritize our hobbies. We decided to get rid of his candle making stuff and instead wants to venture into making micro-brew in the large crawlspace under the house. For now he is just reading about it, no micro-brew yet!
So today I started tackling more of the mess out there. I took a huge load of stuff to the Goodwill and we are selling a few of the larger pieces of furniture out there that don't fit into the house.
The worst part about the garage at this point is the spiders! YUCK! Holy cow--everything I moved had a spider under it. Yucky, disgusting spiders that I had to stomp on one by one.
So after a couple of hours I had made huge leaps and bounds in the garage. A few more hours to go and we may be able to actually use the space!