I dream of Jerry

So lately I have been thinking. I wish there was a mouse in my house. Just one....like Jerry from "Tom and Jerry". Remember that cute little guy? I want him to come and live at my house. Each day I am amazed at the amount of food crumbs I find on the floor from the boys. Little pieces of granola here, bits of apple there. I want a resident little cute mouse to come around the house each day eating up all of the little crumbs that the boys drop. It would be a REALLY well fed mouse! I told Canaan my idea and he said that we would then have mouse poop all over our house. I then assured him that our cute little domestic mouse would have a little "house" that we would cut into the wall. Just like Jerry has! We'd put a little mouse toilet, a mouse bed, a mouse TV, and a mouse shower. Canaan looked at me like I was crazy (he is partially right :).
Anyhow, that is my dream. But for now I will continue to swiffer the house.
Have a great weekend! We are off for our annual voyage to Columbus for the Ohio State Fair. Woo hoo!!!!