My Afternoon

After going to the gym this morning I came home and made myself lunch. Yes lunch. This may not seem like a big thing to some of you but in my daily life I rarely take time to eat lunch let alone make lunch for myself. Usually my lunch consists of eating a few raw almonds and then eating a couple of bites of whatever I make Ezra. But today at the gym I determined that I should really start monitoring what I eat more and taking care of myself more in that area. So I came home and made Tomato and Red Pepper Soup with lime sour cream. I'll try to post the recipe tomorrow. It was really simple (about 20 minutes) and it is really healthy and good! I have enough to have for lunch for a few days and it even can be frozen for later use. YUM!
Secondly I made myself this headband. Its reversible with linen on the otherside. The underside has elastic for a snug fit. It took about 15 minutes--easy!! It is so nice having my uber-organized sewing space now that I can run up and whip out a project without having to dig for fabric, elastic, thread, etc...
The reason for this little project is that we have an open house at Canaan's school tonight and I really didn't want to have to wash my hair beforehand. So the answer to hiding dirty hair is a headband! Tada!!


  1. 15 minutes to make a headband...
    5 minutes to wash hair...
    You just needed an excuse, 's all!

  2. ah yes, 5 minutes to wash but then with my crazy long and thick hair its another 45 minutes to dry!! :)

  3. okay...let me're probably out churning some milk and checking on your home grown vegetables, in preparation for your fine cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Oh-and I can't wait to see the new quilt that you're making while the boys nap today. And how is the big event that you're in charge of at church every day of the week coming along? And the little 2 minute projects here and there that you're just whipping up as though it's easy peasy!!! :) xo

  4. oh, sorry Kristie, I don't have much time to comment. I need to finish making some paper so I can write thank you notes tonight and I need to wash my feet.They are sticky from stomping on the grapes from our vine to make wine for dinner tonight :) Love ya!