Parenting Frustrations

For the past couple of weeks Mike and I have been feeling quite frustrated in the parenting department. Ezra has taken throwing fits to a whole new level and Canaan has been giving a bit more attitude than we'd like. Agghhh!! By yesterday we were just exhausted from it all. I think an outsider looking in would think they are just being "typical kids" and maybe we do set the bar high in the family but we just refuse to let Ezra throw a fit each time he doesn't get his way or let Canaan complain because...well just because he has a tendency to compain! It is so important that we teach the boys to be thankful for everything they have been given in life, that they respect us and others around them, that the treat others as they want to be treated, and that we all work well as a family unit. Of course there are spiritual applications throughout all of those as well.
So if you think of it, please pray for us. Pray that we will use discernment and wisdom in raising the boys and teaching them, encouraging, and uplifting them even when they are literally on our last nerve.
Despite the maddness, we have our precious moments with them each day that seem to lessen the hardship of parenthood. They are such sweet boys with great hearts and a love for each other and us that is so wonderful to see.