I have no idea why...

Why is their a picture of a hairbrush on my blog? Let me try to explain...
At 7:15am Canaan brushed his hair for school. The brush ended up on the floor of the bathroom and when I was scrubbing the bathroom floors at 8am this morning I pushed the brush into the hallway to finish up the bathroom floors.
And that is where it has sat all day. It is now 3:45pm. ALL DAY. But the WEIRD thing is that never once have I noticed it. Not ONCE. I must have literally stepped over it all day and never noticed the hairbrush. And it is right in the middle of the only hallway in the house!!!
I have an excuse though. My head is spinning from some apparent outdoor allergy that I have used over a roll of toilet paper today (no exaggeration), have sneezed no less than 100 times, and my eyes are so watery that I can barely see.
So there. I have cleaned the house today, played with Ezra, hung some pictures, did the dishes, yet somehow missed the hairbrush on the floor right by my bedroom and bathroom door ALL DAY LONG.
I think I need a nap....


  1. With me, I would have noticed it and still stepped over it all day long. Sometimes I'm amazed at how many house-work related items I can avoid doing in a day. Make that: how many items of any sort I can avoid doing in a day.