Ok, this weekend was just insane. Absolutely insane...It would take hours to explain its insanity so I will just do it in bullet points (ok, bullet slashes :):
- 2 walls removed in our house
- one of those walls having mold
- big 6 foot hole in our kitchen ceiling from wall removal
- large chunks of our kitchen floor now gone thanks to wall removal
- sink removed and Mike having no time to put in a new one yet
- no water supply in the kitchen thanks to no sink
- Ezra throwing way too many fits
- one fit resulting in him pinching a nerve in his elbow and making a trip to the ER.
- spending Saturday night in the ER until Midnight with Ezra who now has a sling on his arm.
- getting everything together for a large kick off cookout for our college students.
-waking up Sunday, running to church to get last minute things for the cookout, running out to the farm to set it all up before 1pm all while Ezra is trying to stay coordinated with a sling on his arm.
- welcoming over 60 students to the farm for a cookout for the afternoon.
- rushing back to church for Mike to teach a baptism class before baptism last night.
- Me coming home to put Ezra to bed at 7 and cleaning as much as I could to get drywall dust and mold spores out of our house until 11pm.

So that was the snippet! Many details in between that I won't strain your eyes with.
Amidst all the absolute craziness and sometimes really overwhelming nature of the entire weekend it ended on a great note last night at a quarterly worship experience our church does. I couldn't stay because Ezra really just needed to get home and into bed but Mike and Canaan stayed and Mike said it was just amazing. 22 people were baptized and Canaan was really fascinated and inquisitive about it all. The way baptism's are done at our church is that the pastor does not necessarily baptize. He can but whoever is being baptized can choose someone who has been influential in their spiritual walk to baptize them instead. It is such an emotional and meaningful thing to watch parents baptize their children, husbands baptize their wives, wives baptize their husbands, friends baptize one another.
As this is happening the church is worshiping and celebrating it all throughout. Last night was amazing in particular because as the baptism's finished up and the worship continued one of our college kids walked over to the pastor and whispered something in his ear. He then went up to the baptism and baptized his friend. It was totally spontaneous and amazing. Then our pastor just said " the baptism waters are open so come if you want to come. Spontaneously several people throughout the worship time went and were baptised. Mike said he was crying like a baby...I would have too. It is such a powerful thing to see people, especially people we have seen come to know God personally, declare it publicly.

So really in perspective; as crazy as the weekend was, how can I really complain when the hole in the ceiling is in the ceiling of a great home that we own, and the trip to the ER was no fun but we have 2 amazing boys who are healthy and happy and full of life. Running around like a chicken with our heads cut off for a cookout is tiring but having the opportunity to invest in college students lives and have them inject vitality and joy into ours is priceless.

Sooo....with that said, I guess this weekend was a good one. Thank you God for every blessing in our lives...we are truly blessed.