Total Destruction...

Mike watched the boys last night while I went to the gym for 45 minutes. Within 45 minutes I came home to him tearing out one of our kitchen walls. This project of tearing out a couple of walls that were closing off the kitchen from the dining room was on the "to do" list but usually any house project that we start is begun after constant badgering and pleading by me. My inital reaction was "wow honey! Thats quite a project to start on a Friday at 7pm." I was happy he took initiative to just do it but really, this weekend is NOT the weekend for big demolition projects. We have a ton going on both today and tomorrow.
He was up until about 1am working and this morning I woke up to this....

Total destruction. The project is only about half done with pipes still exposed and electrical wiring to deal with. There is drywall dust EVERYWHERE! I do mean EVERYWHERE.
All I can say is "ughhhhhhhhh......"


  1. wow! your kitchen is open!!!! the finished project is going to be so wonderful!

  2. That is going to look soooo good when it's done! I loved your comment about "constant badgering" to get the project going. That sounds so very familiar at our house when it comes to home projects! hee, hee!