Some Baby Love...

Now that both of my friends have received their baby gifts I can post pictures of the recent baby gifts I made for them.
Both friends live in Orlando where we used to live. Both are having their second baby. Crystal just had a little girl, Rowan, about a week ago. Freedom is having a little boy, Paolo Rio Chaim anyday now.
Both of them have great style so I was a bit scared in making them--hoping that they would be something they liked.
Here is little Rowan's quilt ( I think you can click on the picture for a larger view if you'd like)

And here is little Rio's quilt

Also on the sidebar I added a little "menu" section of what we'll be eating this week. I always love to know what my friends (especially Kristie)are having for dinner to get some new ideas and some motivation to cook "outside the box". So hopefully that little section may help you!


  1. YES< I am the humble recipient of this amazing QUILT. I am still in awe to have received such an beautiful gift.
    Megan you have outdone yourself, and I think I will probably hang the quilt up in his room as a piece of wall art, rather than use it. It is too beautiful!
    What she failed to mention is that she made it to match PERFECTLY his bedroom decor.
    I LOVE YOU Megan. And miss you more!

  2. Ok.. so yah!!! :) When i am prego again... I SOOOO want one.. i will pay!!! :)
    You are so flippin talented girl!!!

  3. friends get free ones ! I'd love to make you one :)

  4. Seriously Megan, you need to put these on an Etsy shop and charge like 300 bucks like our favorite Mama from Maine! These look awesome!! Now with your ultra organized studio (which looks so fun and amazing) you can whip these out in no time! :-)