Deep in the Mountains...

Here's a few pics from last weekends trip to the family reunion. We were 5 miles deep in a holler in eastern Kentucky where Mike grew up and where most of his family still lives. Its beautiful there~especially this time of year.

And here is a little gem of a place tucked away in the mountains. Its called "Delana's Little Shop". Delana opened this place a couple of years ago and it is one of my MUST DO things when we go visit. She and her husband built this little cabin on the property her home is on. She is open on the weekends or she will open if you call ahead. It is full of wonderful little treasures for really inexpensive prices. She goes to estate sales and auctions and I absolutely love the way she displays things in her shop. I spend as much time as I can (until Mike forces me to leave) making laps around the little shop. Of course I always buy at least something when I am there! We've bought our desk from her, the boys wardrobe, lots of white ironstone bowls and mugs, linens, and pictures...its a dreamy place.

This weekend we'll have a bunch of our college students over. I am doing a craft day with the gals and Mike is doing a work day with the guys (tackling some yard projects). Hopefully a rather low key weekend ahead! Enjoy yours...see you Monday.